Project Page for the Dusky Lady

Don VanAusdoll is working on a video of a story set in the Dryden Universe. His first sample is here:

This is his project page. Fire away Don.

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One Response to Project Page for the Dusky Lady

  1. The story as a whole is called Dusk. The term has several different meanings across the stories involved. I am using a multi-story format wrapped around the life of Mikki. The prelude is a short introduction with Mikki as a child asking for a bedtime story. Mikki’s Grandfather tells the tale of the Dusky Lady. The ship that crash lands on barely habitable planet. The second tale is of Mikki asking for help with his homework. His Grandfather relates to him the tale of how his wife made friends with the pre technological race on the planet and the travails of a technological people trying to survive in primitive conditions. The next tale is told by a lost member of the original ship’s crew to both Mikki and Grandfather. Next Grandfather, now dying reveals the story of how Mikki’s mother died. The next tale is told by Mikki at Grandfather’s grave. Mikki recounts the horrors of battle with the Bloodscourge. Next Mikki’s child recounts to Mikki a new cause for hope on Dusk. The epilogue wraps up with Mikki’s grandchildren asking, “Do you know any stories?”

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