Timeline of the Dryden Experiment

2047 – 2049 The Extermination War Simmering stress caused by over extended resources results in a short-massive war with extensive use of and chemical weapons. Ends in a limited nuclear exchange. Much of North America and Eurasia depopulated. Some areas remain uninhabitable for centuries.

2050 – 2051 Events of “Armageddon it On” take place.

2056/1/24 1st permanent lunar colony founded by Chinese. The base is named “Qin.”

2099/11/4 1st Mars Landing China.

2106/4/22 First Venus Landing “New American Federation”

2110 1st Mars Colony “International Space Association”

2108 – 2117 2nd resource war. Original “Qin” moon base destroyed. Rebuilt,named “Er Qin”

2118 – 2175 Period of global depression following 2nd resource war. Referred to as “Earth Twilight” because Earth’s resources past peak.

2175 Gravity well generators invented.They make inexpensive ground based space launches possible as well as providing gravity for long distance space flight. Trade across planets within the solar system commercially feasible for the first time. Dawn of regular spaceflight.

2180 – 2210 Period of rapid expansion within the solar system.Venus settled 2184, 1st Europa Colony 2188, many asteroids settled, Jupiter Cloud colony founded 2210.

2184/5/13 University of Antarctica GradStudent Lachmi Dryden publishes Doctoral Thesis titled”The Effects of Natural State Frame Fluctuations on Massed Objects.” which outlines the principles for moving an object from one point in space to another without passing through the points in between,effectively allowing faster than light travel without violating e=mc2. The paper receives little attention.

2208/11/28 Events of Star Dust take place.

2211 Er Qin purchases a majority of Mars,Venus, and several asteroids, becomes first extra-terran mega corp.

2212 Terra Corp formed joining Earth the majority of Terra’s economy, Europa, several asteroids, Mercury, and the Jupiter Cloud Colony. Earth is effectively one economy.

2215/7/9 Er Qin tests the PTB 94, a prototype framing drive, in deep space. While the engine’s failure is visible across the solar system, results indicate that the device “jumped” between points 2.3 light seconds apart before destroying itself. Media invents term “Insanity Crystal” to describe the diamond and nano tube lattice at the heart of the device.

2216 – 2223 Terra Corp. and Er Qin race to develop stable framing drives. Both claim success in 2223.

2219/12/4 – First reported contact between cetaceans and researchers at The University of Antarctica.

2240 Captain Othall of Er Qin successfully pilots the Hai ou (Sea gull) from Mars to Earth and back using the Framing Drive. While his average “frame to frame” jump is only 3.6 light seconds, he completes the journey in 84 hours hundreds of times faster than conventional ships.

2243 Threat of war forces Er Qin off of the moon. They reorganize on Mars as Lin Corp.

2247 Undersea Ocean on Europa reached for the first time. Intense pressure and extreme temps. slow exploration.

2250 – 2296 Intense competition between Terra Corp and Lin Corp. occasionally boils over to open combat.

2253/2/20 – First space flight by a cetacean.

2297/1/1 Lin Corp stuns solar system by announcing that it has colonized 4th planet in Proxima Centari system and has explored 3 other system. They reveal a secret base on “1st Stone” a 100 km wide object in the Oort cloud from which they have built and launched ships capable of travels at speeds up to one light year per 500 hours.

2298/12/21 – Departure of “Ile Solataire” from Earth.

2305/1/4 Theiana Mason born, in the city of New Paris on Mars, to Derrik Markowitz and Patricia Mason. Markowitzis a hydroponics engineer. Mason is a classical musician. The young Mason is trained as a musician. However she is captivated by the discovery of life on Ninus 7 and enters the Sea of Tranquility University on the moon as a biologist with a specialization in Exobiology.

2315/3/3 Lin Corp. announces the discovery of a life bearing planet in the Ninus system. There have been three previous life bearing planets found. Ninus 7 is the first bearing complex multi-cellular life.

2317/8/6 Terra Corp. announces colonization of Tennus Star system.

2320 A series of nuclear “accidents” on Mars, Terra, and the Ingus asteroid result in Lin Corp. relocating tovnewly colonized Romeo, second planetvin the Lingmi System. This change effectively gives Terra Corp. control of the Sol system.

2325/7/4 Tennus system declares independence.

2325/8/16 Parmer Chartered by Pim Corp.

2328/9/11 First recorded contact with The Eurpoean. An organism living in the depths of the ocean on Europa. It is first clearly sentient exo-species.

2330/5/19 Events from Revenge takeplace.

2338/6/30 – League of Planets formed

2341/2/19 – Contact lost with colony Olive i-4. Later investigation reveals that a form of Terran Flu virus usually carried by canines infected the local environment. The virus was able to infect all organisms on the planet destroying the ecosystem and the atmosphere.

2341/3/11 – Theiana Mason and others form the Interspecies Defense Fund IDF. Initially, the goals of the IDF are entirely peaceful. They establish protocols for the identification and protection of life bearing worlds.

2341/9/27 – League of Planets granted full control of Parmer 2 planet renamed League Prime

2346 – League of Planets launches series of deep space exploration craft. Among them is the legendary LOP Duster.

2355/10/1 – Syrch Corp. founded on Papen’s World.

2358/2/14 Genrith System Chartered by [Lin Corp.]]

2360 – Events from “Alder’s World” take place.

2370/4/14 – First sighting of a “Ile Solataire” spaceship in deep space.

2380/2/27 – Group of IDF activists sign “The Charter” allowing for the use of violence to protect alien species. Theiana Mason does not sign.

2391/5/03 – Dr. Turrelen, founding member of the IDF and namesake of the Turrelen catalog of protected alien species, assassinated.

2391/6/18 – Mason signs “The Charter” The vanishes from sight.

2398/11/22 – First recorded attack by Mason’s ship “The Moth.”

2410/10/7- Events from Dark Side of Iapetus take place.

2435 – Events from Threshold take place.

2436 – Construction of the Opie Line begins.

2466 – Events from Sport take place.

2503 Start date of “The Dryden Experiment.”

2600 Having concluded that it will not survive the ecological changes brought on by humans, the European creates a fleet of biological weapons and ships. It forces humans off of Europa and takes control of the Sol system. Ile Soltaire, who have also been concerned about human expansion, fill many human star systems with ripplers, effectively ending humans ability to leave their local planets. End of “The Primer.” Belle Epoque begins.

~BE 40,000 Technoprey wake and begin their swarm. End of Belle Epoque beginning of The Dark.

TD 88 The European fuses Technoprey technology with human and European technology. Birth of The Scourge.
TD 96 First appearance of Scourge species not created by the European. The European has lost control of the Scourge.
TD 654 First appearance of the Blood Scourge.
TD 1200 Last humans retreat into hiding inside of Sol. End of The Dark.

CD 0 Codex 2 begins an unknown amount of time later.

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