The Technoprey

The Technoprey were designed by Gavin Revitt.

The TECHNOPREY are a life without form in the conventional sense,their natural state being a body of homogenous energy. In much the same way as ourselves, they emerged from the primordial soup over many millenia. Their homeworld is a gas giant, orbiting an old and unremarkable star. The planet itself is several magnitudes that of Jupiter in size, brimming with energy as a result of both the locally rich elemental system, and volatile electromagnetic interactions with its own parent star. This precarious stellar interactivity created the perfect conditions for a highly unique form of life. Strings of chemicals, exposed to the intensely electromagnetic environment formed chains,not of a DNA analog but instead, patterns that more resembled the chemical matrix found inside electric batteries. Their evolution was not without a certain similarity to our own; random interactions in the hazardous soup of their atmosphere. It was a long time even by evolutionary standards, but with almost infinite patience something did eventually emerge – chemical and energetic pathways of increasing complexity adrift in a vast field of chaos,until a spontaneous transmutation triggered the first examples of what we might recognize as the life forms which inhabits their world today.

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Tremendously stable after their long evolution, the “birth” process (akin to cellular division) is a very rare occurrence – only ten percent of the population transmute every one thousand years. Still, it was only a matter of time before their numbers flourished, and the entire planet became a vast nursery of thriving energy; a giant,interconnected community struggling in a gaseous hive, instinctively learning a brutal co-operation to maintain their existence.

As they began to move past their birth planet, the harshness of the environment outside the nursery world forced them to develop the means to create artificial shells, to encase and sustain their relatively delicate forms.


The different physical caste systems we see in their society were simply derived as a logical function – for example, if a class II Technoprey is needed then there is nothing hierarchical to determine which creature will inhabit that shell. Indeed their society acts as an anarchic community; an organized rational consensus where necessity is everything. The presumption of a hierarchy and status are irrelevant in their primitive perception.

As they became more inquisitive about the universe, it was recognized early on that they would have to chart a very careful path through the void around them, almost imprisoned as they were by their need for matter and energy to sustain them. They lack anything akin to faster than light travel– it’s not in their sphere of awareness or technology to think in such terms.  Instead, they identify a likely energy source, and move en-mass toward it.Often traveling in the dark void for hundreds or thousands of years.

Locomotion is created by the generation of small peaks and valleys in the fabric of space time. Technoprey “fall” into the valley in front of them building up momentum gradually over weeks and months.

Like a slow moving steamroller the Technoprey who have left their home world continue inexorably towards the next beacon in front of them, and it is always unfortunate for those in their path. They often select inhabited worlds because of the relatively large energy signatures those worlds give off. Although the Technoprey are motivated by a sense of curiosity, they do not appear to recognize organic life forms. They are wholly unsympathic when they arrive at an energy bearing planet. They scourge it, drain it of energy and move on.

It’s easy to understand why there is so little opportunity for conventional species to learn about them, under such conditions of engagement.This fundamental nature of consumption/assimilation almost assures they are perceived as belligerent, yet they are only acting for survival as we do, when we have to eat.

They roam with a nomadic instinct among the stars, trying to understand, but consuming and traveling with a primitive perception of the universe as a cold sea, littered with islands of intense energy. It is unclear whether they are even capable of perceiving conventional organic life forms as sentient. It’s more likely that at their present point of evolution, they simply see us as forms of energy more complex than dust, yet still fit for consumption.

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