Story Stub from Don VanAusdoll

Hey all.  I got a first peek at the project Don is working on.  It’s just a tickler but its a good tickle.  I think this will become a comic or video.  Enjoy!

Mikki sat cross-legged and leaned against a support of his wickiup. He wore a loincloth and chaps. His bright red hair was shoulder length and curled outward just below the ears. His bangs were cut neatly flat across his forehead. He used a small strip of leather tied in a bow in the back. If someone were to tell Mikki that this was a girl’s style from the mid-twentieth century, he would have been much more excited that the style was worn on ancient Earth, than upset by the fact that it was for girls. Gender identities on a planet settled only four generations earlier, are not too clearly defined.

At the moment, Mikki’s biggest concern was that the lengthening shadows and dimming light meant that bedtime was approaching. Now that Mikki found scary. Not that he was afraid of the dark or of something dire happening to him, he just always thought that sleep meant he was missing out on other things going on. He set his mind to pondering how to stall.
Suddenly a dark shadow fell on the doorway, and the flap that served as a door flew back. The smiling face of a bearded, elderly man poked through the entryway. “It’s time for bed, Mikki.”
“After a story,”, was Mikki’s immediate response.
The man crawled in, for the center of the dome was only some four feet tall. He looked once at Mikki and sighed. Soon they would have to build a bigger shelter. The boy was growing fast. At least the low ceiling offered an excuse to sit. Something he appreciated more than he had in his younger days.
As the old man took a breath to begin his story, Mikki blurted out, “Grandpa, can you tell me the story of how the world began?”
They had played this game before, so Grandpa would play along. The complete story was a long one, and he knew when Mikki was stalling. “In the beginning, men fell from the sky…”
Mikki scrunched up his face, “Grandpa. you’re starting in the middle.”
Grandpa sighed, “Okay, but if you’re going to get the long version, you’re going to have to lay down.”
“Aww…”, Mikki harrumphed but went over to the pelt that served as his bed, He semi-reclined, leaning on one arm. “I’m ready.”
His grandfather frowned, “All the way down.”
Mikki gave in and laid down on his stomach, propping his head in his hands. “Is this good enough?”, the young boy asked, kicking his feet.
His Grandfather gave him and arthritic thumbs up, “Good enough for government work.”
“What’s gov-un-ment work?”, Mikki fumbled with the unfamiliar word.
Grandfather laughed, “I asked my grandfather the same thing. All he ever replied was, ‘It doesn’t!” So your guess is as good as mine. I did figure out it meant, not really, but I don’t feel like doing the work it takes to make you do it right.”
“Now, where was I?”, Grandfather asked.
“In the beginning when man was trapped on the Garden of Earth,”, Mikki said.
Grandfather shook his head, “Your mother would strangle me if I went that far back, but if you put your head down and lay still, I’ll start with when my grandfather left Corporate Space.”
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