Samples of Primer Era Spacecraft

Hey all.  Some of the very coolest work being done in the Dryden Universe is around space ship design.  Here are some of the designs that our really talented artist laid out:

This is the very first Dryden Spaceship ever drawn.  It’s “The Moth” as drawn by Gavin Revitt.  The Moth is Seli Dryden’s ship and is typical of light spacecraft design in the 2400’s.  The Insanity Crystal is left wide open to account for Frame Shearing Events and the crew mostly live near the nose.   This ship is powered by a nuclear reactor in the rear section.  Although it was originally designed as a light transport ship, Seli has converted it to suit her eco-guerrilla agenda.

While not technically a spaceship, participants in the sport of Grav Pod racing leap out of otherwise healthy space ships in suits like these and free fall into the atmosphere of local planets.  The scoring is simple.  The first one to reach the ground alive wins.

Another grav pod suit.  These designs are by Joel Bewley.

Another not exactly a space ship.  Joaquin Garcia designed these full powered, space worthy environment suits worn by Terra Corp’s Geist Marines.  The Marines appear in “Songs of Distant Stars” by Daniel Hunt.

Our very newest design comes from Don VanAusdoll.  This is a big human ship from sometime in the Primer.  It’s got the open structure around the insanity crystal but then a big ring.  I’m not sure the scale here but Don tells me the small ships are “Slipshots” which are small ships that ferry goods from low orbit to waiting interstellar craft.  This makes sense because the flattening of space time near planets makes impossible to operate a framing drive within one or two light minutes.  It seems logical that there would be fleets of these smaller service vehicles ferrying people and goods back and forth.  Great work Don.

And last, but not least, my very favorite Dryden spaceship.  This is Charlotte Garneau’s flying space whale.  I love this image.  The Ile Soltaire are human cetacean hybrids who explore and live towards the galatic center from Sol.  This image was the inspiration for them.  You’ll notice that this creature/ship is using a framing drive with a ring but, since Ile Soltaire have solved the frame shearing problem, the insanity crystal is fully inside its body.

For more on star ship design in the Dryden Universe, check the spaceship design video:

Hope this gives you somewhere to start with your own spacecraft design.  If you have something you’d like me to post, email me at or PM me on Facebook.

ps. I’m Joel Stottlemire

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