Rise of the Europan Project Page

Hey all.  This is the project page for “Rise of the Europan.”  This is a first try at  putting up a project page.  I’m going to lay out some formatting and then we’ll modify as needed.  The idea is for everyone to make comments below and then I’ll move information up to the working page as we go along.  That way you all can connect with each other without having to go through me but, at the same time, I can provide some coordination.

The Project:  “Rise of the Europan”

Here’s the video that started the project:


The Rise of the Europan is short story collection set in the year 2600.  The single intelligence that evolved on Eruopa decides at that time to rise up and evict the humans who have been living on the moon for about 200 years.  It also takes over a lot of the local star systems.

The Europan “grows” biological weapons and spaceships.


Tracy Vincent is developing a story about a planet that the Europan visits after it leaves Europa.  Using panspermia, the Europan has been sending its genetic material to the stars for many thousands of years.  Although the humans on this world don’t realize it, it was actually colonized first by the Europan.  There is a woman on this planet, who, due to the circumstances of her birth, is able to “hear” the life on the planet and learns that the Europan is coming.

Don VanAusdoll is working on a story that may be about the events that lead the Europan to decide it was time to attack.  He also provided this image with the following description:


“I was actually thinking this was called a Mothershio or a Life Bomb, depending on who you talk to. The clear gell with which it is filled is raw genetic materials. The tentacles are paralytic stingers that then sample the DNA of the paralyzed creatures. When enough data is collected, the gel is converted into eggs for a genetically designed alpha predator for the area, which it then spews out it’s top. releasing thousands of little tadpole like creatures in a matter of hours.”

Eugene Kelly is working on a story from the perspective of the Europan army and has asked if anyone would like to write the counterpoint story from the human perspective.  It’s a pretty cool idea.

Damian Roache has said he would like to write about the failed human resistance, which is maybe a good tie in for Eugene.  Maybe?

Gavin Revitt has developed this image as a possible cover image.  Wow!:


Background info:

I asked Dan Hunt for information that he had developed on Terra Corp and the Sol system for us to use as background here.  He sent me this very long, very cool description.  Thanks Dan!!!

Terra Corporation has its major Naval Station, Callirrhoe Station, tucked on 90377 Sedna.  It is in a trans-Neptunian object located in the Oort Cloud. It is a dwarf planet that has solar concentrators in orbit to warm it.  It has been terraformed and now has two open seas.  Homes on the dwarf planet are domes.  It is highly defended.  There are only a few lanes of allowed traffic (ripplers in effect) to get within framing distance along pre-determined fields of fire.  You would also find firing platforms and defensive systems along those lanes on other objects in the Oort Cloud.  Being in the Oort Cloud slows maneuver of incoming ships, making them easier targets.  Of course, that is a two way street that you could exploit a bit.

Sedna has three moons, Cynthia, Selene, and Diana.
If the Europian (in my novel I spelled it this way vice European as my editor wanted to know why I was suddenly talking about a European (are you talking about a specific European?  A German, Frenchman?  – just to give it some spelling distinction) jumped off Europa, it would be going straight into the teeth of the the largest human navel force in known, human space.
They would definitely use the Geist Marines if the battle fell back or started as a ground war on Europa.  Geist Marines are nearly super-human, modified through the use of Juice – a generic term for modifications made by ingesting nanobots that are programed to augment human biological systems.  While you can get some cheaper Juice, the stuff used by the Geist Marines costs hundreds of thousands of credits and really only governments and corporations can afford it – otherwise there would be augments all over and we didn’t want to have a Marvel-type universe.  That said, the Geist Marines are 4-5 times stronger than average olympians, heal faster, and have super-quick reflexes.  They are the best aguments around.  Because of the investment, once a Geist Marine, always a Geist Marine.  Terra Corp will never let you go.  Most Geist Marines are experienced fighters, and are between 27 and 35.  There are a few older ones, but they do a dirty job and, even though they are really good, they die often.
Terra Corps military headquarters is called the Defenders Division.  Think of it as the Joint Chiefs of Staff controlling forces through their Combatant Commands.  I don’t think I pin-pointed its location. I always imagined it on Sedna.  It would not be on Earth as there is a power rivalry between Earth’s government and Terra Corporation. (You can probably exploit that too.)
The only other Terra Corp station I mention is Narious Station:  A refueling station owned by Terra Corp in the Luyten system where the ship Symons’s Dream was destroyed.
I think the time of the Rise of the Europian is at the end of the power of the Corporations and I think my stories take place more toward the height of their power.  I like that part of the Primer and write mostly in that time frame.  You could easily update weapons.  For example, I talk about Mark IIs.  You can talk about Mark Vs.
I am working on my final short story for my second book.  Both Threshold and Revenge will be featured in it.  At the end of the book will be a list of people, tech, places, and things.  I am putting some of it below to help you put sprinkles in your story.

Weapons and Gear

ARG-L35s:  Ship-based Argon lasers.

Combat Packs:  Transport devices dropped from low orbit that contain large pieces of equipment like Scouts, Mark IIs, etc.

E-670-D Automated Artillery:  Robotic artillery used by Terra Corp Marines.

IR-10 actuators:  Remote controlled devices that when activated ignite whatever explosives are attached to them. 

Jump Chute. A rectangular, near full body device that allows for low orbital jumps for troops.  Colloquially called JC’s.   Once on the ground they provide tactical logistic support by carrying gear and have small caliber automatic weapons, ARG-P5 (argon-based pulse weapon).  In that configuration, they are normally referred to as Dogs. 

K-90s:  A ship-based weapons system.

KNR Flechette Rifles:  High capacity rifles that fired iron needles at ultra-high velocity with very little recoil and provide significant firepower.

Mark IIs:  A particular type of robotic Scout favored by Geist Marines.  They resemble spiders and were capable of providing close air support. 

Montgomery Pulse Tanks: Pulse-laser, heavy tanks used by Terra Corp Marines.

Nebula torpedoes: Torpedoes that used frame drives, dropping into normal space just before hitting their target.

Pony:  Also known as a “military pony” it is a tracking device that latches onto an enemy ship and periodically drops off ponies which Frame back to friendly forces and provide location intelligence. 

Ram 592s:  Sniper rifles with laser-guided smart munitions.   They fire supersonic munitions that adjust their flight trajectory as they go and almost never miss.  They are precision weapons and do not carry many rounds.

Ripplers:  Space mines that cause disruptions in the fabric of space.   They create a gravity well that replicates the wells of large celestial bodies, like planets, which prevent Frame Drives from functioning.  They “Catch” enemy ships and torpedoes and force them to use in-system engines, slowing their movement.  The artificial wells are known as Flat Spots.

Scouts:  Robotic battle units that specialize as remote, advance scouts.

Sheet Lasers:  Lasers with a broad breadth that were used to counter mass orbital jumps by hostile infantry.

Sentinels:  Robotic battle units that specialize in defensive actions. 

Tungsten Pole:  A cylindrical device that replicates the impact of a large meteorite on a planet or moon causing an explosion similar to a nuclear one without any radiation – it relies on kinetic energy.

Star Ships 

Ark Royal:  The Terra cruiser captained by Captain Cole.

Arrow Hawk:  A Terra Corp luxury yacht used the Administrator of Echo Mine.

First Hope:  The name of the first ship sent to Mars.   The journey ended in tragedy as Dr. Werner, suffering from hallucinations, slaughtered the crew. 

Firthjof:  An Admiral class Battle Cruiser captained by Trillian Naismith.  It is a Linn Corp ship. 

Pintado:  A Terra Corp jump ship.

Revenge:  A stealth ship sent from Linn Corp in the First Trade War against Terra Corp in a retaliatory attack in the Barnard’s Star system.

Symons’s Dream:  The ship that was destroyed as it refueled on Narious Station in the Luyten system.

Battle Task Force

Strike Ship Group

Monarch:  A capital class battleship it is flagship of Fleet Admiral Mehra of Terra Corp.

Avenger:  A heavy cruiser.

Eos:  A heavy cruiser.

Nornen:  A destroyer. 

Rover:  A destroyer.

Skipjack:  A frigate.

Warbler:  A heavy assault ship.

Blockade Group

Scorpion:  A heave Cruiser.  It is the flagship for Admiral Molouf.   Linn Corp.

Valor:  A cruiser.  Linn Corp.

Lightening:  A destroyer. Lin Corp

Attack Group

Natsek:  State-of-the art heavy battle cruiser.  The flag ship for Admiral Oduya.  Syrch Corp 

Chung Mu:  A destroyer.  Syrch Corp.

Avalanche:  A heavy cruiser.  Terra Corp.

Alliance:  A destoyer.  Terra Corp.

Fiske:  A cruiser. Terra Corp.

Asteroid Assault Group

Ailanthus:  A frigate.  Terra Corp.

Grampus: An Assault ship.  Terra Corp.


Communication Drones: Drone ships that used framing drives to pass information between systems by emitting high burst transmissions to communication buoys.

Communication Buoys:  The backbone for interstellar communication.  Drone frame in to a system in designated Drop Spots where they exchanged information with Communication Buoys.  They drones then frame to the next system and repeats the process.

Frame Drive:  The engine that allows for interstellar space travel and is powered by Insanity Crystals.

Electromagnetic Wave-Shield:  An early form of protective shield for interstellar ships that created a pocket of protective energy around a ship.

Insanity Crystals:  Crystals that allow for Framing and is the backbone technology for all interstellar space travel.  It could only stop small objects.

Juice:  A drink of tiny nubots, little nucleic acid robots generated in septic free-fall laboratories.  They rebuild muscle tissue, bones, eyes, and enhance their function.  Lin and Terra Corp make the most effective Juice.  High end Juice is very, very expensive.  

Kirlov Radiation:  Radiation caused by use of an insanity crystal when a ship’s shields displace objects at the destination point of a frame drive jump.   It is recognizable as a faint glow around ships that are framing through space.

V-Tanks:  Full-body tanks that isolate the body and create sensations to make virtual worlds nearly realistic.  They were developed for early space travel to keep people stimulated on the long journeys but after the invention of the Frame Drive, they were used mostly for entertainment purposes.  Too much “v-tanking” is known to create psychotic episodes.  (Revenge)

Please ask questions, propose stories etc. below.

Thanks everyone!  This is an exciting project!

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10 Responses to Rise of the Europan Project Page

  1. I have the idea for the trigger event. A human idea that is so foreign to the Europan that when it first appears, it is a threat to everything that the the Europan has ever known. Independent thought. The Europan has long had ears and eyes watching humanity ever since it’s arrival. Suddenly when a school of creatures decides, “I don’t have to die!” when the Europan calls. The Europan realizes the idea of individuality could destroy the carefully balanced eco-system that has existed on Europa since it first became aware.

  2. Thank you Dan! I love having techie data to work from. Eugene, I think we should find a good time to chat, My e-mail is vandragonstudio@gmail.com. Anyone in the project wanting to talk about the project can e-mail me there, or of course here or at the Dryden Fan Group on Facebook. I also keep a close eye on Joel’s videos and the Authors and Artists page on FB. I can’t wait to see the culmination of all of these wild imaginations in one place. Thank you, Joel for offering us all a place dream together. You are our Stan Lee.

  3. That’s a great compliment Don!!! Thanks!!!! Just remember, I only suggested a really awesome universe. It didn’t become one till all you awesome peeps joined in!!!!!!

    You rock!

  4. Hello, everyone. Just wanted to stop by here quickly and see how everyone’s doing.

    For my own story, I’m still working on some of my ideas to get them to a point where I know how things will play out. I did want to ask a question, and hopefully get some opinions on it: I’m thinking of titling my story “The Battle of Europa” — what do you think about this? My reasoning is simple: it’s a very clean and informative title, which leaves no room for doubt as far as what the story is about, and gives the reader a good idea of what to expect. While I have some particular characters in mind for the story, much of the focus in the narrative will be on the battle itself and what it was like to be on Europa at the time. I’m imagining it as a sci-fi war narrative, highlighting important moments in the battle and some of the dramatic events that unfold when the Europan launches its assault.

    So, thoughts or opinions on that?

    And, also, how’s everyone else’s stories going? I’d love to hear more about what others are working on. I know that some of our stories might intersect or deal with similar topics, so I’m willing to work with others if you’re interested in trying to develop some kind of continuity throughout the various tales.

    If anyone wants to toss ideas around or get my opinion on anything, feel free to email me at damianroache@gmail.com or find me on Facebook/Twitter. (And, Joel, if you want to post my contact info on the FB page or anything, so that people can reach me, that’s cool with me. I don’t know how many people involved in the project are following this project page, so maybe it would be helpful to have it spread around, too.)

  5. TracyVin says:

    Damien, I saw your reply on the Dryden page on Facebook, though Joel says it’s posted here. I only see 2 from Don and one from Joel. Anyways, I think your title is fine, especially if that’s what you’re focusing on. I’m still unclear on my title. My story takes place on another planet that’s real close to Europa, but it is really small and isn’t very high on the totem pole as far as the interstellar government/corporation is concerned. And for eons the Europan has been sending minute parts of itself out into outer space as a means of learning about other planets and if it can inhabit them if need be or about the inhabitants of it. Just so happens this particular planet can be inhabited by it very easily. Well, when things are reaching critical mass there on Europa, the Europan has decided that all humans need to leave the nearby planets as well and the attack isn’t just staged on Europa, but on the nearby planets too, to prevent help from coming and to weaken the interstellar government’s hold in that sector. And before all this happens, this woman can hear the voice of the Europan and she’s able to get many people out to safety. (that is the gist anyways)

  6. Hey all. I want to encourage all of you to send me a sample of your text before you get too far into your story. We’re pretty loose on this project and can take a wide variety of styles but I do need to make sure that everyone is writing without overwriting someone else. Please send me small samples and a little plot data at drydenexperiment@yahoo.com



  7. OK, folks. On the weekly conference I asked Joel how areas of Europa were named, did they go by states or cities or what? He told me to make something up. So… here goes nothing. Being built by a soulless corporation things are set up by the easiest format for the bean counters to keep track of. each country size facility has a name, but anything smaller than that is referred to by level and a sector designation defined by a letter from the Roman alphabet. The numbers refer to stories in a building and count down instead of up. My particular story takes place on level 3117 Delta quadrant, an upscale residential section of about 40,000. In general, I think the upper levels would be somewhat hostile environments given the volatile nature of Europa’s surface. Numbering of floors would start at about 10 km deep. anything above that would be populated almost entirely by criminals and homeless, deemed unsafe for human habitation. This would put my story about 20 km under the ice, which right now would put it well above any liquid on the moon. However, due to ocean warming, this level now has sections with a beautiful lighted view of the Europan ocean.

  8. Kitty says:

    Hi everyone,
    This is Kitty and I want to get in on this. 🙂
    I don’t have an idea for a story yet, but I have a few pre-ideas starting to form. Is there a deadline for submissions?

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