For those of you who know us, the website we were hosting was getting cumbersome and hard to maintain so we’ve gone lightweight here at WordPress.

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For those of you who don’t know us, hi there!

We’re the Dryden Experiment.  We are an  indie publishing house.  We might publish just about anything but our cornerstone project is the Dryden Sphere, a Sci-fi universe shared under the Creative Commons 4.0 BY-SA copyright.

What this means, is that while and individual author or artist owns the work they publish with us, anyone can use those characters, story lines, etc. to expand the universe whether they publish with us or not.  We provide a general history, technologies etc. and you develop which ever way you want to develop.  We’ll promote it whether we publish it or not (there are minimum quality requirements.)  If we like it, we’ll add it to the canon of history.   Even if we don’t make it official, you can still put our name on it as long as you honor the CC 4.0 BY-SA rules.

We’ve got a lot of projects and tons of history available.  This page is just to get us started on WordPress.  The old website we had was too big to maintain so we took it down.  For now, meet some of our projects:

The Dark Abyss:


Daniel Hunt’s Short Story collection is currently in development on Kickstarter.  Visit it there, fund it, love yourself more.

Flash Master:

Flash Master

Joel Stottlemire’s short story collection is currently for sale on Amazon, IBook and elsewhere.  Here you will find the origin stories that existed before there was a Dryden Experiment.

Sky Goddesses of Dryden:

Sky Goddesses

Our first try at graphic story-telling by Author Laura Konrad and Danielle Evert is now in print and Kindle.  Get it here:  Amazon

Turning Point:

Turning Point

This gritty, hard hitting graphic novel by author John M. Berg and Artist Joel Bewley is no doubt the best cyber-noir ever released, if we could get it released.  Aaargh!!!  First we lost the original artist, then the author, then Bewley got himself a job in Hollywood doing this stuff for big money.  Still, we funded it on Kickstarter and we will see it through…eventually.

Technoprey: The Hunger:


Based on Gavin Revitt’s Technoprey, Technoprey:  The Hunger is an app based game that let’s you play a hoard of hungry aliens as the swarm the galaxy munching human colonies wherever they may find them.

We have several other projects, DrydenRP, our role playing game, the novel “Alder’s World” etc. that I’ll write more about later but they to early in development to say much more about here.

Okay.  That’s who we are.  If you’d like us to consider publishing something of yours, write us at drydenexperiment@yahoo.com.  Heck just write us there to say hi.

Check back for our timeline, technologies etc. all coming soon.

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